Economics Second-Year Second Semester


Detailed notes for the International Finance and International Trade and Monetary Policies components of Economics Second-Year Second Semester module.


This summary covers both the International Trade, International Finance and Monetary Policy sections of the Economics Second-Year Second Semester course. Scroll down for more information and previews!

The International Trade section covers sessions 1 – 14 and answers all the questions discussed in class. Prior knowledge is discussed before the related questions are answered.  


International Trade A1 Preview


The Monetary Policy section provides an integrated overview of all the readings required. It covers chapters 1 – 4.


Monetary Policy A1 Preview


The International Finance section answer all of the questions of the three Chapters/Problems in detail. Before answering each question, required prior knowledge is provided. The notes also contain a guide to answering Balance of Payments questions. 


Economics 244 International Finance Preview